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1-2-1 Counselling

Our stage two counselling service is provided by a number of highly experienced and skilled counsellors and psychotherapists.

The process has involved survivors talking with a professionally qualified and experienced practitioner. This stage of support begins after the survivor has successfully integrated the stabilisation skills taught in stage one.

How does is work?

During this stage those stabilisation skills will be needed, as the survivor revisits and processes the traumatic events and experiences as well as the intense emotional response to the memories. Also, this stage involves the task of exploring and mourning what has been lost as related to the trauma, and to grieve the loss.

"This group helps me relax and always look forward to it.”

"Always very different listening to other perceptions of each task we take part in with the added humour."

"The service I have received has been brilliant, second to none. Its great seeing and getting along with people who I’ve not met yet."

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