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Thriving Survivors is a charity that supports all survivors of trauma. Our service is built on the personal experience of our Founder and Chief Executive, Ashley Scotland.

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Our Mission

Thriving Survivors aims to create a centre of excellence for trauma affected individuals regardless of race, culture or circumstance, with all services delivered by people with lived experience.

Our Services

Our newly launched post traumatic growth programme offers survivors an opportunity to feel safe and supported whilst they begin to explore their traumatic experiences in more depth and eventually move onto the process of finding meaning in the trauma. We do this by provide a three-stage model of trauma recovery. 

We provide emotional or practical support through the delivery of a range of services including our peer mentoring programme, 1-2-1 counselling sessions and our unique post traumatic growth programme.

Our Team

We are run by people who, just like those we aim to help, have all been through something similar. 

We want people to feel a sense of safety and unity at all times and with each volunteer having previously experienced a level of misfortune themselves, we are best placed to understand their needs along the road to recovery.

"Excellent experience. I would recommend them. They are kind decent people who want to help you cope the best you can to thrive not just survive. I am truly grateful that I was referred to thriving survivors and I am truly grateful that Ashley created such a helpful service with great mentors who are really good at their jobs and tool kits that help you cope. Thank you thriving survivors."

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