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What is a harm after harm service?

Harm after harm is a service that provides a safe and supported space for conversations between those harmed and representatives from organisations and statutory agencies who have caused harm as a result of poor and insensitive responses to survivors following a crime.


What is the process?

This service provides an opportunity for those harmed to present their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives regarding the harm and its impacts, with the help of two fully trained facilitators who are present throughout the process.

Who is this service for?

This service is aimed at individuals who have experienced victim blaming, stereotyping and otherwise poor and insensitive attitudes from agencies and organisations during the criminal justice process, including reporting and court stages, as well as, when accessing support services, social work or medical care following a crime.

What are the benefits?

This service can:

  • Empower those harmed to regain control and share their experiences.

  • Create opportunities for meaningful dialogue, accountability and awareness of the harm for the agencie(s) responsible for the harm.

  • Achieve meaningful outcomes following effective dialogue.

  • Improve organisational responses, procedures and overall attitudes towards survivors.

What to expect.

  • A safe and trauma-sensitive space where individuals are empowered to discuss the harm and its impact and voice their needs.

  • A service that encourages understanding, accountability and responsibility from the organisations responsible for the harm.

  • A space that promotes collaboration and supports agencies' commitments and actions towards repairing and preventing harm after harm.

  • A service where all agency representatives are trauma-informed, trained, and can step up and form a panel that will be responsible and accountable for the harm caused within their organisations.

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