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What is a healing space?

Healing Space(s) are family-led service(s) that provide safe and supported spaces for families to explore and discuss their needs, concerns, impacts and experiences of harm. The service supports individuals and families to work together to find new ways to heal, move forward and strengthen their relationships, with the help of two fully trained facilitators present throughout the process.

What is the process?

This service offers various tools, so individuals and families can shape the process according to their needs, including:

  • Family group conferencing (FGP).

  • Healing circles.

  • Restoratives cafes.

Who is this service for?

This service is aimed at individuals who have experienced harm and wish to address it within a family setting. The family here is determined broadly to include the child/ren, parents, extended family and even significant friends and neighbours to the family who may not be blood-related.


What are the benefits?

This service can:

  • Support recovery and increase self-awareness.

  • Empower those harmed to regain control and move forward. 

  • Create opportunities for growth and meaningful dialogue between individuals, their families and other support systems.

  • Help families reconnect and heal using their own skills, strengths and personal knowledge.

What to expect. 

  • A safe and trauma-sensitive space specialised in the needs, expectations and social dynamics of families.

  • A space where individuals will be empowered to have a voice, account for and discuss the impact of the harm. 

  • All-around support for families exploring their experiences of harm and trauma. 

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