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Ashley is our founder and CEO. A product of the post-traumatic growth she advocates so strongly for, her establishment of the charity Thriving Survivors in 2016 has created safe, trauma-informed spaces to support survivors in their path to resilience and recovery, regardless of their age, gender, background, or circumstance. 

Her priority is promoting inclusivity and choice through survivor networks, with her Survivors’ Voices channel providing the basis for her advocacy work in ensuring survivors are heard.

This has most recently manifested in the Survivors’ Voices consultation which Ashley spearheaded, paving the way for Thriving Survivors to become a leading national hub for Restorative Justice services, which currently exist nowhere else in the UK. In particular, Ashley is now taking the lead on developing a specialist Restorative Justice hub in cases of sexual harm, an area that has seen an increasing demand for Restorative Justice services in Scotland. 


Hi my name is Tony and I have been with Thriving Survivors for 6 years. Starting as a volunteer I have held a number of positions, including Group Facilitator, Mentor and Partnership Worker.


Now as Head of Operations at Thriving Survivors I am delighted  to be  leading a talented team of staff and volunteers as we  deliver our core services to survivors across the UK.


I am passionate about "recovery" and fully committed to helping survivors to truly thrive.



Rachael is the restorative justice coordinator at Thriving Survivors and is responsible for oversight and operational delivery for the restorative justice services. 

Rachael has a degree in Psychology and an MSc in Forensic Psychology. She has 12 years’ experience working within community justice, restorative justice and third sector settings, as a front-line practitioner, including performance, project management and policy roles.

Rachael is an Associate Trainer for Trauma Informed and Responsive Practice at Epione Training and Consultancy. She has interests in trauma informed practice and engaging with experts by lived experience. She has a keen interest for staff wellbeing and the application of trauma informed and restorative approaches in the workplace. 

Learn more about Rachael’s experience here.

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