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Our mentors are people with whom you can develop a long-term relationship that is centred around building and supporting the survivors growth and development.

Our mentors can help to guide, direct, and shape your present situation and future opportunities for the better.

Our mentors:

⦁ Provide Knowledge
⦁ Help You Improve
⦁ Provide Encouragement
⦁ Help Advise
⦁ Can Learn from Their Experience

"Enlightening, supportive safety net to fall back on through hard times. Very positive experience that helped me with many difficulties I had including mental health, house support, job searching and career advice.  A safe space that respects me and empower me."

"Thriving Survivors have gone above and beyond in this tough time and I never knew there was this kind of help and support out there. Best thing that's happened to me."

"I'm grateful for having found Thriving Survivors when I did. It's helping me find myself and open up more to the fact that things can get better and knowing that people care and are willing to help me get better and move on with my life."

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