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A bit about myself, my name is Alexander Keatings and I am 29 years old. I've lived in Glasgow all my life, and I joined Thriving Survivor's in March 2020 just before the pandemic hit and lockdown started.

I'm glad I did because it was a massive help during it all and also helped me get my confidence back, I've learned a lot the past two years and grown a lot as a person thanks to Thriving Survivor's and everyone involved with it.

I did the mentor training to become a mentor and joined the team on December 2021. Since then I've been helping people move on with their lives just like my mentor did with me, I look forward to the future and to helping people with Thriving Survivors.


A very warm and friendly hello from me. 

I am a mentor for Thriving Survivors giving my support, empathy and understanding to others through my own life experiences and past Trauma.

I am eternally grateful to Thriving Survivors for their guidance and support they gave to me to find myself again to be the happy, confident and caring person I am and to be able to thrive each day as a survivor. 

Now being able to give my helping hand to other in any way I can.


I'm Laura Viola (Volunteer Mentor).

I enjoy swimming, cooking and attempting to garden when my son and kitten allow it.


I am very passionate about mental health and recover.


Hi I'm James I'm a volunteer mentor was here last year.

Alexander was my mentor now I'm becoming a mentor. It just shows how far I came but also to other people there's light end of tunnel and hope but I'm so proud how far I've come and be a inspiration to others also.


Hi my name is Christina I got referred to thriving survivors about 4 years ago from my Doctors I was in a very dark place; at that time, I had caught covid.

I was passed onto a mentor his name was Scott and found him very helpful indeed as I was feeling very suicidal, he helped me with building my confidence up again and I went on the discovery me course to learn new skills at that time Ashley was running this course, found this very helpful at that time as I had lost myself because I was dealing with family and health issues.

This course helped me so much they also said there was a Friday peer support group every week, I learned I could paint and felt comfortable interacting with other people who were going through the same issue as myself, it had help me with the loneliness as I live by myself.  I then was asked if I wanted to do a mentors training course which Emily ran and she was fantastic as it was very easy to learn from her. As I was now in a better frame of mind on life, I thought this was a break through as I had to leave my old job through health problems, they did offer me a job but had to decline as I have spine problems and if I take a flare up it can put me out for over a year so I decided to enjoy helping out

voluntary which I love.


I now run an art class, knitting class and run the Friday peer group and mentor 11 clients every week.

I feel as if I have a purpose in life now as I have learned new skills and I am now passing them over to others who were in the same position as myself I no longer feel like a failure and I have thriving survivors to thank for this.

much love Christina

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