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Restorative Justice: The Team Update

Since our last update in March, the RJ team has moved from development to the

implementation phase with the oversight of the Restorative Justice Service Manager and Coordinator.


We are focusing particularly on the delivery of our restorative cafe and conservation services in Midlothian and across the remaining Sheriffdom areas in the Lothian and Borders. This includes raising awareness of RJ and our services including building local partnerships.


We have successfully recruited 4 new members to our RJ facilitation team to support the delivery of cases.

Youth case

Midlothian Community Justice led on the delivery of a restorative justice youth case, involving education and a local supermarket in partnership with Thriving Survivors to address antisocial behaviour. A poster was completed as part of the restorative intervention. Please see poster:

Working groups

We have carried out evaluations and taken time to consider the necessity of our working groups moving forward. With the primary focus on supporting development, we have made an informed decision to wrap up these groups in which we are sincerely grateful for all the expert contributions provided. However, we have and will continue to engage with our advisory panel group.


Awareness and partnership events

We have taken an approach of using our restorative cafe model to raise awareness and build partnerships with local organisations.

We delivered a restorative cafe in Midlothian on the 18th July facilitating an awareness and partnership session. This event provided a space to collaborate using a world cafe method. Conversations were constructive and insightful in terms of awareness, activity and challenges of RJ locally.

This will now guide our approach to engage with individuals within the community and partner organisations and address next steps highlighted in the report drawn up and to be published shortly. In turn, this will support us

to establish firm foundations and create the opportunity of building momentum as we implement our services.

Thriving Survivors' first annual conference

We have been planning and preparing for our first annual conference to be held on the 17th November 2023. We are delighted to share that tickets are now available for purchase with third sector and student discounts available.

For more details on this please contact

This conference will explore 4 core themes:

1. Trauma-informed restorative practice

2. Restorative practice in education and early intervention

3. Restorative practice Health and social care

4. Restorative practice in the justice system

We will also hear from guest speakers including Professor Judith Herman, Ailbhe

Griffith, DR Marie Keenan, DR Estelle Zinsstag and David Russell

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