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RJ Team October Update

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

The RJ team at Thriving Survivors have been working towards finalising documents for our services which have been continually developing over the past few months. These include our storytelling and processing service, family healing circles, secondary harm service and RJ conferences. Each service has a distinct plan setting out its purposes and guidance on how we propose its delivery. Furthermore, feedback forms specific to each service have been created to support our future monitoring and evaluation on the running of each service. This will ensure that our services will continue to grow and meet stakeholder needs.

We are continuing to draw off expertise and feedback within our development and risk working groups to enhance these documents. The risk working group is currently supplementing their expertise in our risk assessment development which is underpinned by trauma informed care. Furthermore, the development working group is supplementing our service and feedback form documents. Additionally, in the upcoming months we are intending to invite our lived experience working group to get involved in reviewing our work and contributing to our ideas. We particularly value input from our lived experience working group as it creates a co-designed element to ensure our work is truly trauma informed and suited for future delivery.


Alongside this, we have been continuing to undergo training alongside members in our partner organisations. We have upcoming training of 5 specialised modules, a full day of practice and family group conferencing training. This will lead us to conclude our specialist training programmes by the end of December and prepare us for further thorough development in the new year.

Further information on RJ

Guidance for delivery of RJ in Scotland; Scottish government 2017 publication

Restorative justice action plan; Scottish government 2019 publication

See European Forum for Restorative justice

To contact the RJ team about further information: Thriving Survivors

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