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RJ Team Update

Updated: Aug 1


The RJ team has worked really hard and has now come to finalise our four core Restorative Justice service models-

- Restorative cafes, which is our first service launch with general cases undergoing and more to be piloted in upcoming weeks

- Restorative conferences

- Harm after harm

- Healing spaces.

Our next step in service development is to develop a branch of our healing spaces, focusing on designing a service for those who have experienced sibling sexual harm/trauma.

RISK The team has been in the development of creating assessment tools for both the person harmed and the person responsible for harm to be used in the preparatory stages of engaging in a service. With the person responsible complete and the person harmed still under development, these tools have been rigorously developed and critiqued by our working groups and have accompanying guidance documents to support facilitators in taking these assessments. They will only be used by fully trained facilitators and the tools are also accompanied by three-day risk training.

LIVED EXPERIENCE ACTION GROUP Having the foundations set, Thriving Survivors has been in the process of expanding their lived experience action group to abide by their ethos of having lived experience at the heart of what they do. The next steps include integrating individuals into the processes and procedures of the Restorative Justice project as they see fit, guided by their passions and interests. If you would be interested in joining our group please fill in this form here. This will allow us to place lived experience at the heart of all our processes whilst enhancing a trauma-sensitive approach to our work.

TRAINING Thriving Survivors has been developing training packages to support the rolling out of the government project. We are due to have training sessions coming up in the next few months and if you would be interested or like any further information please contact the Website: Email: or AshleyScotland@thrivingsurvivor Organisational mobile no: 07577632809

EXPANSION Thriving Survivors have been engaging in conversations with others to expand our project and have our groundbreaking services available in other cities and jurisdictions. This is very exciting coupled with our future steps in looking for new staff and volunteers as we begin to roll out our services.

RECRUITMENT The interviews for the Restorative Justice Coordinator were held on the 13th of April and we now have the position filled with a start date of the 1st of May.

FURTHER INFORMATION ON RJ Guidance for delivery of RJ in Scotland Restorative justice action plan See European Forum for Restorative justice Video on restorative justice created by our partner organisations

To contact the RJ team about further information please email us at:

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