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RJ Team Update: January

Updated: Aug 8

The RJ team has been focusing heavily on ensuring the safety of our services as we move towards finalising our service documents. Alongside our partnership members, we have been working on screening tool(s) and a supplementing guidance document to assess, highlight and manage risks that we must address prior to facilitating an RJ process. This tool will be utilised as a part of our practical training this month.

Both our risk and service documents are gradually moving towards being in their final stages within the next few months, as such, we will be drawing more focus on the monitoring and evaluating our services.

In the background we have been focusing on expanding our lived experience action group, undergoing additional training, and focusing on funding applications.

This year we hope to develop training packages, grow our services where we have recently started to develop a branch focusing on sibling sexual harm, explore new opportunities and ways to increase inclusivity, and build new partnerships amongst many other exciting things.

We are dedicated to developing and growing our services to ensure we can support survivors of harm in a manner that is safe, comfortable, and effective.

RJ team :)

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