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Video: Womens safety panel

Updated: Aug 8

***TRIGGER WARNING*** Thriving Survivors, One4Growth and Glasglow Girls Club come together to host a very topical subject this month: Women's Safety On Thursday 25th November at 11am, we go live on zoom streaming onto Facebook, with a mixed panel of women. Joining us will be local organisations, students, businesses, and public transport representatives.

This will be an open discussion covering: > The Number of Apps aimed at women to keep themselves safe > The dangers faced such as drink spiking and the current spike in injections > Who do women actually trust and the stats around police convictions internally. > Transport/Walking Home etc > That Guy Campaign > What do we as women feel men can do? > What ideas & suggestions do you have? Our Panel: Host - Heather Offord, One4Growth Ashley Scotland - Thriving Survivors Laura Maginness - Glasglow Girls Club Alice Jackson - Strut Safe Elena Soper - YWCA Scotland - The Young Women's Movement Emma - Hood Magazine Hayley Millar - Richland Minibuses Georgia and Lauryn - Glasgow Caledonian University Students

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