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We ARE HIRING: Restorative Justice Facilitator

Thriving Survivors Restorative Justice Facilitator Application Pack


Thriving Survivors is a charity based in Glasgow city and offers safe and supported access to a range of Restorative Justice (RJ) services across Scotland. We are looking to expand our RJ facilitation team and invite applications for:

● Unpaid volunteers RJ facilitators

● Self-employed RJ facilitators

Closing date: 12pm, 5th July 2023

Job Description

As an RJ facilitator, you will be responsible for carrying out a range of RJ processes with the person(s) who have harmed (perpetrator), person(s) who has been harmed (victim-survivor) and relevant support people.

You will enable all parties to get what they need from an RJ process. This will include continued assessment and multi agency working to ensure a safe and appropriate process, led and centred around the person(s) harmed. You will also use a range of direct and indirect methods to suit.

You will raise awareness of RJ and generate referrals through continued

engagement with stakeholders and people who access services.


Deliver RJ (direct and indirect) in line the Scottish Governments (2017) statutory guidance, including Thriving Survivors company values, practice guidance and processes

  • Case management responsibilities of RJ cases, including case recording and report writing

  • Conduct continuous assessment of risk, safety and need

  • Liaise with partner agencies as appropriate during the RJ process

  • Work will all parties to thoroughly prepare them for the RJ process

  • Provide support and signposting before, during, and after each process

  • Adhere to general data protection regulations and information-sharing protocols

  • Gather feedback from each process for evaluation purposes

  • Attended training as part of continued professional development

Person Specification

Thriving Survivors will offer

  • Three levels of RJ training

  • Case management of RJ processes

  • The opportunity to be at the forefront of change for Restorative Justice in Scotland

  • One–to–one supervision, mentoring, and peer support

  • Experience working for a lived experience national charity

  • Accesses to specialist support for sensitive and complex cases

What Thriving Survivors ask from you

  • Ability to provide flexibility with regards to working hours, which may include evening and weekends, based on the needs of parties

  • Commitment to work with Thriving Survivors for a period of 12 months, with opportunities for continued work

  • Ability to travel across Scotland, as referrals dictate

  • Attend and contribute to meetings as required

  • Attend all training sessions

To submit an application please complete via this form

Thriving Survivors Restorative Justice Flying Squad Application Form.docx
Download PDF • 100KB

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