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Khadijah ​

Hi, my name is Khadijah. I am the Restorative justice assistant working at ThrivingSurvivors. I do a variety of tasks within this role to offer support for my team throughout this project.


I have an academic background in law and with knowledge and experience of traditional justice failures, I feel very passionate and driven in supporting the implementation of Restorative Justice services.

​Elisa ​

Hi. My name is Elisa. I am a Restorative Justice Facilitator for Thriving Survivors (in training). I have a master’s in Criminology and an undergraduate degree in Law, as well as previous experience in Social Research and Support Work. I am passionate about advocacy, criminal and social justice and human rights, I have a co-active role in the development, design and delivery of this project. Within this position I aim to support social and political change within the system by transforming survivors' choices in Scotland.



Hello, my name is Caitlin. I am training to become a RJ facilitator within Thriving Survivors. I have an undergrad in Social science and have also secured my MSc within Criminal Justice and Penal change at Strathclyde University this year.

I feel very passionate about working within the third sector to raise awareness of RJ and work closely with people who have otherwise been failed by the traditional Criminal Justice System, in order to give them choice and empowerment.

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