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What is a restorative conversation and process?

A Restorative meeting is a responsive and trauma-sensitive service where individuals can safely engage and ask questions to the person responsible for harm, with the help and support of two fully trained facilitators present throughout the process.


What is the process?

The service allows individuals to shape the process according to their needs, including:

  • How they want to engage: Directly or indirectly (i.e. face-to-face meetings, conferences, shuttle dialogue and letter writing etc.).

  • Who they want to be involved in the process: community representatives, support networks (i.e. family, friends, social workers, support workers).

  • Where and when they want to engage: location, time and layout of the space.

Who is this service for?

This service is aimed at individuals who have experienced any type of harm, including sexual harm and desire to communicate directly or indirectly with the person(s) responsible for the harm. This can be to seek answers and discuss the harm, its impacts and their needs in order to move forward and heal.

What are the benefits?

This service can:

  • Support recovery and increase self-awareness.

  • Create opportunities for meaningful dialogue between individuals.

  • Empower and help individuals who were harmed regain control by sharing experiences and receiving answers.

  • Help achieve meaningful outcomes following the process.


What to expect.

  • A safe and trauma-sensitive space where individuals will be empowered and supported to explore and regain control over their needs relating to the harm.

  • A place where individuals responsible are supported to take accountability and responsibility for the harm.

  • Choice is given, where individuals are empowered to take part in designing their process based upon their own needs.

  • Extensive preparation work to ensure the process is safe and that everyone's needs and expectations are met.

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