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Thriving Survivors is a charity that supports all survivors of trauma. Our service is built on the personal experience of our Founder and Chief Executive, Ashley Scotland.

To access any of our service place email us or call Tony on 07577632809 or fill out the contact enquiry form.


Our mentors are people with whom you can develop a long-term relationship that is centred around building and supporting the survivors growth and development.


We offer trauma informed counselling sessions for adults aged 18+. These sessions offer 1 hour of clinical support per week for as long as is deemed to be needed. This will be discussed between the counsellor and the survivor. 

Discovering Me

The Discovering Me programme is a post traumatic growth programme designed to inspire and empower you. Through a series of fun, engaging and informative training session designed to help you discover who you really are.

Bridge to Recovery

The Bridge to Recovery programme is a peer lead activity group designed to welcome and support new survivors as they begin their journey with Thriving Survivors.

Restorative Justice

Launching in 2023 - however, please do follow the link to learn more about our process and journey.

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