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This service is currently in development and updates will follow

What is the sibling sexual trauma service? 

The Sibling Sexual Trauma Service is a family-led service that provides support and resources for individuals who have experienced or have been impacted by sibling sexual harm. This service aims to raise awareness and provide support to individuals and families individually and collectively. With a focus on finding new ways to heal, move forward and strengthen their relationships, with the help of two fully trained facilitators who are present throughout the process.

What is the process?

The sibling sexual harm service will focus on tackling specific and more complex aspects of harm within a family/ non-family unit. The service will provide a variety of tools to allow individuals to shape the process according to their needs. This model is currently under development with the aim of providing specialist support on both an individual and group level in addressing sibling sexual harm.

Who is this service for?

This service is aimed at individuals and families who have experienced or have been impacted by Sibling Sexual Harm. Family here is determined broadly, to include the child/ren, parents, extended family and even significant friends and neighbours to the family who may not be blood-related.

What are the benefits? 

This service can: 

  • Support individuals to conceptualise and process the harm, increase understanding of the personal impact(s) from the harm caused and learn from others.

  • Empower those harmed to regain control and move forward.

  • Create opportunities for growth and meaningful dialogue between individuals, their families and support. 

  • Help individuals and families to reconnect and heal, using their own skills, strengths and personal knowledge.

What to expect. 

  • A safe and trauma-sensitive space, specialised on the needs, expectations and social dynamics of families.

  • A space where individuals will be empowered to have a voice, account for and discuss the impact of the harm.

  • A supportive environment for participants to collaborate in discussion and explore key terms relating to their traumatic experiences in more depth. 

  • All around support for families exploring their experiences of harm and trauma.

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