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Thriving Survivors

We provide safe and trauma responsive support for survivors of trauma, regardless of their circumstances or background.  Offering emotional and practical support to survivors, all from staff who have lived experience of trauma themselves.  


A central part of our work constitutes the model of the “Three Stages of Recovery from Severe Trauma” as it is described in the work of Judith Herman. Herman has been a pioneer in the field of severe trauma and recovery, and her best-known contribution to the field is her development of the diagnosis of Complex PTSD. The three stages of trauma recovery are as follows: 

  • Stage 1 is concerned with establishing safety and stabilisation, for as long as it is needed. 

  • Stage 2 involves processing trauma memories with a trained mental health practitioner. 

  • Stage 3 focuses on integration, where the trauma survivors apply what they gained from Stage 1 and 2 into the mainstream of daily life. 


Stage 1 - At Thriving Survivors this stage includes a Mentoring Service, which is a unique service that is trauma survivors led. All our mentors are trauma survivors themselves, who have gone through our services and they provide support to others. They offer their own understanding, experience and insights, and they offer space and support to other trauma survivors. The mentors provide a recovery map to the trauma survivors who enter the organisation, and help them to find their ground and to develop skills that are required for their own recovery and day to day life. 


Stage 2 - At this stage we provide free high-quality psychotherapy and counselling for individuals over 16 years old, who are experiencing poor mental health. Our main objective is to make counselling and psychotherapy as accessible to as many people as possible. We provide a caring and safe environment where people can feel supported to explore their lives and develop a sense of wellbeing.  


Stage 3 - In this stage we provide access to our post traumatic growth programme. The ‘Discovering Me’ programme offers survivors the opportunity to look inward and discover who they are after experiencing trauma. The sessions will support emotional growth and changes in mindset whilst offering an opportunity to find meaning in your trauma. 


In addition to the “Three Stages of Recovery from Severe Trauma” we offer a selection of Restorative Services and are currently developing Sibling Services. 



Restorative Justice

Sibling Services


"I don’t think I could find the words to let you know the positive impact my mentor has had in my journey/life. Not only from a learning point of view and accessible tools she has taught me but the feeling of being understood, feeling like I matter, and I am cared for. I can tell her anything! I’m so grateful for her and her strategies that she has believed I am capable of. I’m very grateful and thankful for her and her understanding and practical solutions she has given me."

"Thriving Survivors is a special sort of counselling that helps you feel stronger as you have discussed your worries & you eventually feel you have got the strong tools that I can use to get through the dark and hard times. This personal support made me feel stronger to help me through any troubles. I feel as if I had very special treatment but that is the treatment everyone gets. I just wish Thriving Survivors could help more people survive & there might be less suicides. I'm proud to say I'm a survivor to people. Thank you to this amazing company. I will always be grateful to them.”

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