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What is counselling?

Therapy offers you the opportunity to explore the areas of your life where you are struggling, with a trained professional, who is there to listen to how it is for you. It offers the opportunity for people who are facing difficult decisions, or finding it hard to cope with life, or who just need a safe space, to talk about their feelings. 


What is the process?

You and your therapist will be meeting at the same day and time weekly for up to 20 weeks. Together you will decide and agree on the approach that is best for you; you may wish to explore in depth the issues that are making you feel anxious, depressed, stressed, stuck, or unable to cope. Alternatively, you may use a solution focused approach, with a focus for the sessions, to help you to explore your options, reach decisions, make choices and find your own solutions.


Who is this service for?

Our therapists work with a broad range of issues, these include: anxiety, depression, stress, life changes, relationships, eating disorders, bereavement & loss, gender & sexuality issues, alcohol & substance misuse, personal growth & development, suicidal ideation, crisis. We support anyone from 18 years old.


What are the benefits?

We hope that you will develop skills such as self confidence, creativity and resilience, improve the quality of your life and your relational experience to yourself and others. We hope that you will become knowledgeable about what happened to you, and develop new ways of responding to future challenges.


What to expect.

What you discuss in your therapy sessions is held in confidence by your therapist. Our therapists work to a strict code of ethics and professional practice.

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