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Fri, 17 Nov


The Studio

Thriving Survivors Annual Conference 2023

Join us for our first annual conference focussing on: How the implementation of restorative practices/approach can lead to systemic change in Scotland.

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Thriving Survivors Annual Conference 2023
Thriving Survivors Annual Conference 2023

Time & Location

17 Nov 2023, 09:00 – 18:00

The Studio, 67 Hope St, Glasgow G2 6AE, UK


About the event

Join us for our first annual conference focussing on:

How the implementation of restorative practices/approach can lead to systemic change in Scotland.

Thriving Survivors are delighted to be hosting our first annual conference in Glasgow on Friday 17th November 2023. You are invited to join us as we explore how the implementation of restorative practices can lead to systemic change in Scotland.

We are delighted to welcome Prof. Judith Lewis Herman M.D as are Headline Speaker on a Live Stream on the Main Stage to close the conference.

The event will kick off with an expert panel consisting of: - Ailbhe Griffith - Dr Marie Keenan - David Russell - Dr Estelle Zinsstag

During this one-day conference, we will focus on exploring the importance of using restorative approaches beyond justice, through four key themes.  Every delegate will be able to choose 2 workshops on the day to attend.

  • Restorative Approaches: Responding to Sibling Sexual Abuse (Children & Young People)
  • Restorative practice in the justice system
  • 10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Harmful Sexual Behaviour
  • How Does it Feel? Trauma Responsive Approaches to Restorative Practice - Secondary Harm.

The use of restorative approaches within the justice sector has seen a growing recognition for its success. However, through our internal developments, we came to appreciate the value of restorativeness in itself and the benefits it has outside this scope. This will take the focus of this conference, where our partners will host workshops in accordance with these themes.

This will demonstrate and influence how these sectors could view and approach their work through a restorative lens. This will allow individuals to experience full, healthy and fulfilled lives, which in turn will create a prosperous and a restorative Scotland.

Throughout the conference, we will host expert pods, exhibits, and wonderful catering!



Title: 10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Harmful Sexual Behaviour

Description: In a world where roughly a third of child sexual abuse is committed by those under 18, youth sexual violence remains an under-discussed societal concern. Dive into an enlightening workshop exploring the prevalence, impact, and nuances of adolescent harmful sexual behaviour. We'll unravel misconceptions, shedding light on the contexts, causes, and nature of this behaviour. Furthermore, participants will delve into the potential role of restorative justice in addressing and remedying this pressing issue.

Facilitator: Stuart Allardyce

Bio:  Stuart Allardyce is Director of the UK child protection charity, Lucy Faithfull Foundation, overseeing Stop It Now! services in Scotland. As the co-author of ‘Working with children and young people who have displayed harmful sexual behaviour’ (Dunedin Press),. He was a member of the Scottish Government’s expert working group focused on preventing sexual offenses among young individuals and is chair of NOTA UK and Ireland, the membership body for professionals who work with sex offenders.

Note: This workshop invites participants to engage critically, fostering a deeper understanding and more informed approach to harmful sexual behaviours in adolescents.

Title: How Does it Feel? Trauma Responsive Approaches to Restorative Practice - Secondary Harm.

Description: Step into an immersive workshop where we explore the depths of trauma responsive approaches to restorative practice, centered on the poignant voices of survivors. Dive into the nuances of secondary harm stemming from the justice system, and understand its implications on survivors. As we navigate through this transformative journey, participants will have the opportunity to engage with written testimonies from survivors, providing a raw, first-hand insight into their experiences.

Facilitator: Rachael Moss

Bio: Rachael serves as the Restorative Justice Service Manager at Thriving Survivors. With a background in Psychology and an MSc in Forensic Psychology, she brings a vast 12-year experience spanning community justice, restorative justice, and third-sector domains. An Associate Trainer for Trauma Informed and Responsive Practice at Epione Training and Consultancy, Rachael's passions lie in trauma-informed practices, staff wellbeing, and incorporating restorative approaches in professional settings. Her dedication is evident in her advocacy for experts by lived experience and her mission to foster a trauma-informed environment.

Note: This workshop is crafted to provide both theoretical knowledge and an empathetic understanding. Participants are encouraged to approach the session with an open mind and heart.

Title: Restorative Approaches: Responding to Sibling Sexual Abuse (Children & Young People)

Description: Sibling sexual abuse among children and young people is a pressing concern demanding meticulous and empathetic responses. This workshop invites you to immerse yourself in restorative approaches tailored to addressing this very issue. Delve into a holistic exploration that not only considers child protection but also sheds light on the nuances of reunification and recovery. Gain insights into how restorative methods can impact desistence and the potential it holds for transforming young lives.

Facilitator: David Russell

Bio: David Russell brings a wealth of experience as the Community Safety & Justice Manager at Midlothian Council. His expertise is further emphasized by his role as an Executive member of NOTA Scotland. David's dedication to the realm of community safety and justice, coupled with his deep understanding of restorative practices, makes him a leading voice in the field.


  • Grasp the fundamentals of using restorative approaches for sibling sexual abuse.
  • Navigate the intricacies of child protection within this context.
  • Understand reunification strategies and the road to recovery.
  • Witness the transformative power of restorative practices in desistence.

Note: This workshop is a crucial session for anyone seeking a profound understanding of sibling sexual abuse among children and young people, and how restorative justice can offer hope and healing.

Title: Circle on Justice

Description: Embark on a unique journey with "Circle on Justice", an interactive session that provides attendees an immersive experience of circle gatherings, focusing on the theme of justice. Guided by the expertise of Nina Burrowes and Cynthia Ellis from The Consent Collective, participants will dive deep into group discussions, reflections, and sharing. Designed to encourage active participation, attendees are invited to both share their perspectives and listen to the insights of others. Given its intimate nature, only a limited number of participants can attend, ensuring an inclusive and thorough engagement for everyone present.

Facilitators: Nina Burrowes and Cynthia Ellis

Bio: Representing The Consent Collective, a renowned social enterprise, both Nina and Cynthia are fervently committed to tackling issues surrounding sexual harm and relationship abuse. Their extensive efforts range from providing training and educational resources to various institutions across the UK and overseas. With a deep-rooted commitment to social justice, they have embarked on an extensive journey throughout the UK for the past two years, holding sessions on 'healing from injustice'. Currently settled in the serene landscapes of Pitlochry, Scotland, they continue their mission to drive change and offer transformative experiences on the subject of justice.

Note: This workshop is an opportunity for open dialogue and reflection. Participants are urged to join with an open heart and mind, ready to contribute to the enriching conversation and to listen deeply to the shared experiences of others.


Ailbhe Griffiths, a Restorative Justice Advocate with a powerful personal journey. From trauma to empowerment, she champions restorative justice on global platforms. Inspired by her story, the film 'The Meeting' emphasizes its healing potential. Residing in County Wicklow, Ailbhe balances advocacy with family and a FinTech career. Join us for her invaluable insights at our conference.

Dr. Estelle Zinsstag, a distinguished criminologist and restorative justice expert. A lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University, she's globally recognized for her contributions, including founding 'The International Journal of Restorative Justice'. With roles spanning from Oxford to Cornell and impactful training sessions worldwide, her insights are set to elevate our conference.

Dr. Marie Keenan, a pivotal voice in criminology and restorative justice. As an Associate Professor at University College Dublin, she's recognized for founding Dublin's Granada Institute and leading pivotal research. Her influential works include 'Child Sexual Abuse & the Catholic Church'. With accolades like UCD's Teaching Excellence Award, her expertise promises to elevate our conference.

David Russell, a key figure in Community Safety, Justice, and Restorative Justice, as our esteemed panellist. Serving as the Community Safety & Justice Manager at Midlothian Council, David has been pivotal in shaping Restorative Justice. With a notable past at Barnardo's and extensive training initiatives on sexual violence, his affiliations include leadership roles at NOTA Scotland and Community Justice Scotland. David's vast experience promises to enrich our annual conference discussions.


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