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Survivor Voices

Thriving Survivors will lead on a Restorative Justice National Consultation and will build upon elements of previous research to include the Voices of Survivors which, at this moment, are not being heard. 

We want to hear the voices of survivors to assess the understanding, awareness and demand for Restorative Justice Services in Scotland.
This Consultation exercise will specifically seek the views and opinions of survivors of domestic and sexual abuse on Restorative Justice in Scotland.
The outcome from delivery of this Consultation will be to ensure that the voices of survivors are heard and acted upon, ​which will also feed directly into the Restorative Justice Action Plan. 

The Consultation

Thriving Survivors will lead on the consultation calling on a ‘Consultation Steering Group’ as progress is made. This group will support the Consultation, ensure as wide a reach as possible and act as an expert reference group as the Consultation develops. The group is already established and has had an input into the development of the Consultation thus far. Involved in the group are:

  • Thriving Survivors – Chair

  • Community Justice Scotland

  • First Tier​

We will be hosting a series of events to assist in raising awareness and begin to open up the conversation on RJ for survivors.

The Published Consultation Paper

The Ask

Thriving Survivors is asking for everyone at the meeting to really get involved in this consultation process by helping us promote and raise awareness. 

Public Involvement

The public are integral to the success of the consultation and it is important that we are able to accommodate the needs that some people may have in terms of access and support.  The Public Involvement Coordinator will work directly with a national portfolio of organisations to ensure survivors voices from across the Nation are included. With responsibility for promoting and arranging the organisation information sessions for the facilitator.

In addition, supporting the survivors to complete the consultation. 

The key outputs for the consultation:

  • The opportunity for survivors to have their say on Restorative Justice

  • Capture the level of understanding of Restorative Justice within the survivor community in Scotland

  • Capture and understand the views on, and demand for, Restorative Justice being made available to survivors 

The Timetable:

  • Awareness campaign goes live on the 8th February digitally

  • Launch date for the consultation will be the 28th February 2021 

  • It will be live for 4 weeks

  • Closing date for all responses will be the 25th March 2021.​

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