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Expanding Access: Understanding Referral Sources at Thriving Survivors

At Thriving Survivors, understanding and managing referral sources is key to effectively reaching and supporting those in need. The organisation's approach to garnering referrals demonstrates a commitment to accessibility and community engagement.

Diverse Referral Channels 

Referrals at Thriving Survivors come from a variety of sources, illustrating the broad network and community trust the organisation has built.

"A lot of people self-refer through our website, which shows the proactive steps individuals are taking to seek help," says Tony, a key team member at Thriving Survivors.

Strategic Partnerships 

In addition to self-referrals, Thriving Survivors has established significant links with several key organisations.

"We've made really good connections with the Department of Works and Pensions, various housing associations, and nearly every doctor's surgery in Glasgow," Tony explains.

These partnerships are vital, as they help streamline the referral process and ensure that individuals in different sectors can access the support they need.

Engagement with Specialised Agencies 

Thriving Survivors also receives regular referrals from major agencies like Women's Aid and LifeLink, with Women's Aid being one of the top referrers.

"These agencies play a crucial role in connecting us with individuals who need immediate and specific support," Tony adds.

Collaboration with the Criminal Justice System 

Another significant source of referrals is the direct pathway established with HMP Edinburgh for restorative work, along with social services for children and families. This collaboration highlights the comprehensive approach Thriving Survivors takes to support across different community segments.

Integrated Support Approach 

The organisation has developed a system to handle crossover cases, especially among siblings and adult referrals.

"Tony and I navigate these referrals closely because they often overlap considerably," David remarks.

This integrated approach allows them to manage and coordinate support effectively, ensuring that clients receive the appropriate service, whether that involves mentoring or more therapeutic interventions.

The diverse referral sources for Thriving Survivors underscore the organisation's integral role within the community and its ongoing efforts to be as accessible as possible. While the challenge of long waiting times persists due to high demand, the establishment of strong partnerships and an effective referral system is a testament to Thriving Survivors’ commitment to those they serve.

By continuing to strengthen these connections and seeking further support and resources, Thriving Survivors aims to reduce waiting times and expand their capacity to meet the growing needs of the community.

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