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Survivor D was introduced to Thriving Survivors having been attending another peer support group.  At that time, he was very isolated and had no way to communicate.  Having lost his phone and had no internet, this caused him to become even more isolated.

At that time, he was contacted with the opportunity to take part in Thriving Survivors Digital Inclusion programme, which allowed him to interact online in Thriving Survivor's "google hangout" and also take part in groups provided on zoom.

Due to previous injuries he had to re-evaluate his interests as sports where now out of the question.  After receiving his digital pack survivor D was then able to take part in Thriving Survivors 'Bridge to Recovery' programme which allowed him to experience new appreciation for other hobbies and interests.

D explained that having the digital pack was a god send, for not only did this mean he now had a point of contact with the outside world, family etc, he was able to connect with new peers.

D has gained confidence and trust in himself, the persons around him and formed new friendships. D discovered he can also take part in the different activities within the group which at the beginning he felt unable to do.

Before joining Thriving Survivors and well before the beginning of his recovery his mindset was fixed, due to his own work in furthering his recovery he now sees himself as having more of a growth mindset. D is open to new ideas, discoveries and learning more techniques to further his own recovery.

​Survivor D is now looking to the future, he has expressed interest in joining Thriving Survivor's mentoring programme and using the tools and techniques that aided in his own recovery to help others.

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