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Survivor J came to Thriving Survivors after her time in employment lead to her being bullied in the workplace and having to deal with a lengthy tribunal. 

After leaving employment she felt her confidence had dropped and she needed extra support.

When her time with the previous organisation had ended and still hoping to gain more confidence and prepare to enter full time employment again, J joined Thriving Survivors through their Digital Inclusion programme.

Being provided with a tablet J now found it easier to connect online which allowed her to join the “Discovering Me” programme, which due to covid-19 now took place online.

Once completed J took part in Thriving Survivors Bridge to Recovery hangout, Zoom weekly group sessions and the Mentoring programme. During this period of time J added exercise into her daily routine which also gave her another outlet during her recovery.


Survivor J’s mentor could see her positivity and confidence climbing month to month through their appointments which lead to J feeling confident enough to go back to work.

J is now employed full-time at a job she had always wanted and also continues to add exercise into her daily routine around work.

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